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who we are? common ecology is an environmental educational resource founded and supported by Carri Beer, Rob Brennan + Michael Hindle of Brennan + Company Architects and alterego. We are a group of architects, artists and designers dedicated to creating healthy, cooperative lifestyles.

mission? empower each other through education and inspiration to create healthier communities and sustainable lifestyles.

how are we doing this? We have started the process by creating a Framework for Healthy Communities + Sustainable Lifestyles TM. This is an on-line document that has been developed as an educational tool to be accessed by everyone.  Our hope is that while reading through this information you and your neighbors will be inspired to create a grassroots change to better our environment and way of life.  We are available to present this guide to your community, county, business or organization. Please contact us to arrange a workshop or presentation.

copyright 2007 common ecology. all rights reserved. limited reproduction for individual use is permitted without permission. commercial or multiple reproduction is not allowed. other requests should be directed to


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