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agriculture: The current state of agriculture is one of factory farms using petroleum based pesticides, antibiotics and depleting the nutrient resource that is naturally found in our soils. Our rainforests, prairies and wetlands are being overtaken my cattle and mono-crop farms. Ecologies are being destroyed and pollutants from animal waste are causes in global warming and polluted stormwater runoff.

5 topics of agriculture:

natural beauty


local food

agriculture preservation

alternative farming



  Home Star Program wrote @

Great post!

  Darci wrote @

In a way, it’s kind of like bribing garden invaders (whether
they’re deer, rabbits or insects) with something yummy instead
of what you’re trying to grow for yourself. Herbs that bolt easily in response to heat,
such as cilantro, should be placed on the east-facing slope so that they are protected from the afternoon sun.
The wildlife they are exposed to is often mediated by
technology or educational curriculum that just doesn’t offer the allure of
a virtual world.

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