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r e s o u r c e s:
  1. 49 ways to save water
  2. analyze your water footprint
  3. how to get started
  4. low flow toilets, Toto, Caroma
  5. low flow shower heads + aerators, Niagara Conservation, Oxygenics, Gaiam
  6. dishwashers + clothes washers, Bosch, Asko, LG
  7. kentucky rain barrels
  8. greywater action
a c t i o n s:
  1. choose low flow toilets, faucets and water efficient fixtures
  2. use rain barrels to irrigate landscape; make your own rain barrel
  3. reuse your greywater – safe uses, aqus system is an easily added devices that reuses sink water to flush your toilet

r e s o u r c e s:
  1. center for watershed protection
  2. chesapeake bay watershed – not just maryland!
  3. green roofs, Green Roofs, Emory Knolls Farm
  4. rain gardens
  5. porous pavers
a c t i o n s:
  1. make your own rain garden rain gardens of west michigan
  2. install green roofs
  3. use porous pavers to filter water
  4. know + protect your community watershed, “surf your watershed
  5. create a bayscape
  6. employ integrated pest management techniques + organic lawn care
  7. properly dispose of hazardous waste, state guidelines
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